Milaja – Your Local Guide in Ilomantsi and Eastern Finland

Coming to Finland and looking for unique places to see or new events to experience? Here’s a few suggestions for you.

Winery & Distillery Tours?

How about a visit to the oldest winery in Finland and sipping a glass of Arctic berry wine? Or perhaps enjoying Arctic Blue Gin, the best gin in the world, in the legendary cafe and wine bar? The Winetower (Viinitorni) with its spectacular views at the height of 33 metres is a must-see place in my hometown. Or would you prefer listening to the history of Valamo Distillery and its product range from whisky to artisanal Absinthe? I have a winery tour for international guests around the Winetower, seeing the old strawberry field and its surroundings. This is my personal favourite of my tours!

Ready to Rock?

Interested in Finnish rock music, like Nightwish, Sonata Arctica or Amorphis? Then the Suomirokkia exhibition is the place to go! I personally love those bands, and if you love them too, let’s go!

Anything for Foodies?

Perhaps, after all, you’re more into food tourism and want to taste Karelian pies and pastries and other Karelian delicacies. Or maybe we should take an international food tour and have chicken malai at the Indian Restaurant Aisha, do some shopping in Thai Food Store, and enjoy Kosovan baklava!

Events & Festivals?

Besides interesting places, we also have unique events to visit: the annual Orthodox fiest Iljan praasniekka, traditional open air dancing events lavatanssit, Blueberry Hill Festival with jazz and blues vibes, a snowsculpting competition Ilo!Lumi, a chainsaw sculpting event at Bear Festival Karhufestivaali, and Wild Food Festival with beautiful meals at Villiruokafestarit plus many more – let’s plan together what to see and where to go!

I’m Your Local Guide to All This!

Milajan matkat, or Milaja’s Tours, offers guided tours around Ilomantsi area in eastern Finland.

I am a local tour guide in the easternmost town in Finland and the whole European Union. We live even further east than St. Petersburg or Instanbul. If you prefer seeing places yourself, I can preplan your trip with opening hours and prices, and will be available on Messenger/WhatsApp during your stay. In addition, I’m happy to teach you some Finnish on Zoom before you arrive!

Just now:

You can book tours around Ilomantsi with several different themes. Let’s chat about your interests!

This is one option for our tour together around the centre:

  • Hermanni Winery, wine and souvenier shop with local products
  • Historical Pappilanvaara hill and the Cultural Trail
  • Cafe-bar Winetower, local non-alcoholic sparkling wine, coffee and snack 
  • Orthodox Church and, if there’s enough time, a visit to the old Orthodox cemetery near the church 
  • Doll and Teddy Bear House with more than 3000 dolls, teddy bears and toys from different decades     
  • Piirolan Piha Arts and Crafts Centre, looms, souvenier shop with local handicrafts, exhibitions    
  • Guesthouse PikkuPriha with its hut, lean-to shelter and outdoor activities   
  • Parppeinvaara Rune Singer’s Village 
  • Karelian buffet at the restaurant Parppeinpirtti  

Later this summer:

I have planned tours in the centre of Ilomantsi, Möhkö village, Petkeljärvi National Park and Koli during the Bear Festival and Wild Food Festival 10th – 12th August and have spots available!

Contact me!

Feel free to contact me at and ask me more!